Apr 01 2014

Deciding Where To Live in Denver: Our 5 Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Deciding Where To Live in Denver

Top Five Walkable Neighborhoods


where to live in denver - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

If you’re deciding where to live in Denver to enjoy a more “pedestrian lifestyle,” Walk Score is a great resource. Neighborhoods receive scores based on their proximity and accessibility to places like the post office, library and market. They consider the number of restaurants, shops, entertainment and even public transportation lines. Here are the neighborhoods which made the top five list:


5. Baker neighborhood

Walk score: 86%    Bike score: 93%

Baker has an eclectic, historic and modern mix. Residents live in walking distance to hundreds of restaurants, bars and coffee shops like The Hornet, Sputnik, Beatrice and Woodsley, and Sweet Action Ice Cream. Baker also has five light rail lines passing through (which is more than Union Station). If you’re seeking a more artistic community like the Santa Fe Art District, Baker is where to live in Denver.


4. Capitol Hill neighborhood

Walk score: 88%    Bike score: 96%

With over 14,000 residents, Capitol Hill is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the metro. The streets are lined with elaborate mansions built in the 1880s by some of our early millionaires and historic apartment buildings named after poets like Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. Neighbors enjoy a plethora of refined and quirky restaurants like Mizuna, Luca D’Italia, Governor’s Park and Funky Buddha. Included in the neighborhood is the gold-domed Colorado State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion.


3. North Capitol Hill (Uptown) neighborhood

Walk score: 91%    Bike score: 98%

Over recent years North Capitol Hill (known by many locals as Uptown) has rapidly developed and gentrified into a community of young professionals and transplants. There are great places to dine like Steuben’s Food Service and Watercourse Foods. If you have a passion for live music, Uptown maybe where to live in Denver, as the Fillmore Auditorium and Ogden Theatre will be nearby.


2. Civic Center area

Walk score: 92%    Bike score: 96%

Among the top five most walkable areas, Civic Center has the smallest population (just over 1,500 residents). With some of the city’s Central Public Library and County Building close by, there are ample shops and restaurants in the area. Great efforts are being made to revitalize Civic Center Park, making it the heart of Denver’s civic and cultural events.


1. Central Business District (Downtown Denver)

Walk score: 95%    Bike score: 90%

No surprise here…downtown Denver ranks as the most walkable area in the metro. If you are looking for “world-class public transportation” and “a biker’s paradise,” this is where to live in Denver according to Walkscore. Thanks to places like LoDo (Lower Downtown), Larimer Square and 16th Street Mall, there are about 60 restaurants within a 5 minute walk radius!


Check out our part two coming out next month about Denver’s most walkable neighborhoods.


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Apr 01 2014

Low Number Of houses On Denver Market Prompts Record High Prices

Low inventory continues to be the predominant story of Denver’s housing market, according to recent statistics from Denver’s Metrolist, Inc.

Metrolist reports that the number of homes on the metro market in March dropped a whopping 60% from the previous March. The number of condos for sale showed a similar drop of 59%. This reflects a further decline from February — 8% and 17% for homes and condos respectively.

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Low inventory is driving prices, which have reached record highs. Homes sold for an average of $359,900 and condos $215,700 in March, an 11% and 12% increase, respectively, over 2013. This represents a rise over prices reported in February, which had already hit record levels.

Industry information and analysis firm CoreLogic reported that Colorado joined Nebraska, North Dakota, Texas and Washington, D.C. at reaching “new home price highs” in February.  Local real estate brokers note that multiple offers are common and some buyers are offering many thousands of dollars over list price just to cement a deal.

The smaller inventory also most likely accounts for the significantly faster sales logged in March. Homes spent and average of 51 days on the market, while condos spent an average of 37 days — 16% and 35% fewer days, respectively, than in March of 2013.

While faster sales and higher prices translate into good news for sellers, experts voice concern should the trend continue: “Most local real estate experts agree double-digit appreciation in Denver would neither be desirable nor sustainable for the longterm, as it would make home prices unaffordable to many consumers,” notes Inside Real Estate News.

CoreLogic’s Chief Economist Mark Fleming doubts this will happen, at least not on the national scene.  “Although prices should remain strong in the near term due to a short supply of homes on the market,” he said, “price increases should moderate over the next year as home equity releases pent-up supply.”


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Source(s): http://insiderealestatenews.com/2014/04/01/colorado-homes-hit-highs/

Mar 31 2014

The Cost of Living in Denver: What can you expect?

The Cost of Living in Denver:

What can you expect?


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Over the last couple of years about 23,000-24,000 people have moved annually to our metro area. In a previous blog we explained people are moving to Denver verses other major cities in the U.S. goes for more reasons than just the mountains:

  • Our Thriving Housing Market

  • New Urban Communities

  • We’re Still An Affordable City

What is Denver’s cost of living?

Denver tends to rank right around the United States’ average for cost of living. According to AreaVibes.com (which utilizes government survey data such as goods and service, groceries, health care, housing , transportation and utilities) in March of 2014 Denver’s cost of living index was 2% below the national average. Based on a national average of 100, AreaVibes.com shows how each factor in the cost of living index compares:

Factors in the Cost of Living Index of Denver (an overall score of 98%):

Goods & Services   107%

Groceries                 103%

Health Care              105%

Housing                    88%

Transportation          94%

Utilities                      90%

This is actually well below many other major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Boston. However Denver’s cost of living is rather comparable to Chicago, Austin and Cleveland.

What keeps Denver affordable?

Through our own research about why people are moving to Denver and statistics from the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, there a several factors keeping our cost of living closer to the national average:

  • The metro’s growth in employment.

  • Colorado’s focus on keeping taxes low.

  • The high household incomes among Denver residents.

  • Denver has the room to expand in residential and commercial real estate.

Curious how your city compares to Denver’s cost of living? Check out AreaVibes.com as you can get even more detailed information about livability, demographics, education, employment and etc.


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Mar 27 2014

Lender’s Corner: The Downside Of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

This month, we feature our continuing series in which we answer common questions regarding the loan process. Today’s question: I have a little extra disposable income and was thinking of paying off my mortgage early. Are there any reasons I shouldn’t do this?

Lender’s Corner: The Downside Of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estateA. Although paying off your mortgage can offer great peace of mind, there are reasons such action might not work in your best interests. Recently MSN Money offered several situations in which a person might want to rethink that strategy:


If your savings account is slim:

If we’re talking peace of mind, then you also need to consider how you’ll feel if you’ve used your extra money to pay down your mortgage and then find that you’ve lost your job. Before considering paying off your mortgage, make sure you have a healthy emergency fund to stave off bad times.

“Likewise,” writes MSN Money, “If you’re still saving for retirement, putting that extra money toward your retirement savings is a smart move.” Your money will compound over the years, perhaps bringing better long-term payoff than using those funds now on your mortgage.


If you have other debts:

It’s important to pay off credit card debt or things such as car loans first. In today’s economic environment, it’s likely that those interest rates are higher than those for your mortgage. In addition, don’t forget that you may be able to deduct your mortgage interest from your yearly taxes, compounding the benefit of paying the other debts first.


If you can earn more with your money in the bank:

Deposit rates are low today, but “economies are cyclical,” writes MSN Money, which reminds readers that it wasn’t long ago that banks were paying 3.5%. “It’s only a matter of time until those deposit rates return, and go even higher.” When it does, you’ll be glad your money is in the bank, earning more than it could had you used it to pay off your mortgage.

For more information on this or other lending questions call or email Lisa or Julie at Guild Mortgage today at 303-320-1556 or email at. www.guildmortgageofcherrycreek.com.


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Source(s): http://money.msn.com/home-loans/should-you-pay-off-your-mortgage-quickly

Please consult a tax advisor for more information. The information above is for informational purposes only and does not represent the opinions of Guild Mortgage Company.

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Mar 24 2014

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A New Pet

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A New Pet - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

Have your kids been begging you to get a pet?  Does a furry companion who loves you unconditionally sound like the perfect antidote to a rough day?

There are many reasons to consider getting a pet. But before you bring that new critter home, it’s important to consider what animal best suits your needs. Here are three important questions to ask yourself, suggested from PR Newswire:


1. How much time can I commit to a pet?

Some animals require more attention than others. “For instance, larger, more energetic dog breeds, such as Boxers, will need to be walked at least two times a day,” says PR Newswire. Smaller dogs – or cats – may need less exercise and, thus, take up less time each day. Similarly, puppies take considerable time to house train, whereas dogs adopted from shelters may already be house trained and in less need of such focused attention.

Judge how much time you are home during an average day. Those who work full time might consider animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles, that don’t need much personal attention.


2. What can we afford?

Certain animals will be more costly to care for than others. For example, large dogs eat more food than smaller dogs; some breeds require routine professional grooming; young dogs may need training courses; reptiles may need expensive habitats. Research the costs involved with the pet you’re considering, thinking of their long-term needs as well as their immediate requirements.


3. What does the family want from a pet?

Are you looking for a cuddly companion? Are you hoping to teach your children responsibility? Or perhaps you’re thinking that getting a dog will force you to get outside and walk every day. Give some serious thought to  what you want to accomplish by getting a pet and choose accordingly.

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Source(s): http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/three-questions-from-petco-to-ask-yourself-before-adding-a-pet-to-the-family-this-holiday-234456751.html

Mar 20 2014

Website Helps DIY Painters Choose The Best Color

Website helps DIY painters choose the best color   - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

It used to be that painting a room was a nail-biting guessing game. It meant buying a test can of paint, brushing a splotch of color on the wall and squinting for hours, trying to imagine how the whole room would look in that hue. Then, if you were still in doubt, it meant doing it all over again with a different color.

That was before the days of computer magic. Now, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can see your room in one shade. Then click again to see it in another.

We recently discovered the “Color Visualizer” on the Sherwin-Williams’ website. It allows you to upload a photo of any room in your house (or an exterior shot) choose a color in the Sherwin Williams’ palette, then drag it to your photo to “paint” the walls. Not sure about that color? Try again with a new shade. If you don’t want to use a photo of your own, you can try out colors in photos they provide of various home interiors and exteriors.

The site will also suggest complimentary colors to your choice, in case you’re looking for trim colors, adjacent wall colors, or even shades for pillows and other accessorizing.

Those with iPads can download an app from the site that takes things one step further: Take a photo with your device of any object you find that has a color you love and the app will help you match it with a Sherwin-Williams’ option.

Bottom line? Color us impressed.

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Source(s): http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/try-on-colors/color-visualizer/

Mar 19 2014

5 Simple Repair Jobs To Cure Small Household Ills

5 Simple Repair Jobs To Cure Small Household Ills - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estateIt’s been a long winter, and we’ve all been cooped up inside more than we like. No wonder the little annoyances in the house – a creaky floorboard, a loose pull on the dresser — are starting to loom large.

Before tackling the larger tasks of spring cleaning, why not cross these simple repairs off your list? Here are five easy home repair jobs, suggested by HouseLogic:

1. Sagging towel rack or wobbly toilet tissue holder: This is often caused by a push-in type plastic drywall anchor used to affix the item to the wall. Unscrew the fixture, pull out the anchor and replace it with something stronger. “Toggle bolts are strongest, and threaded types such as E-Z Ancor are easy to install,” says HouseLogic.

2. Squeaky door hinges: Squirt powdered graphite next to the pin where the hinge turns and enjoy the sounds of silence.

3. Creaky floorboards: Try anti-squeak repair kits (example: Squeeeeek No More, $23) that offer specially designed screws that will fasten down the boards better and are easy to conceal. You might also try dusting some talcum powder between the squeaky floorboards. Talcum powder acts as a lubricant to quiet things down.

4. Blistering paint on shower ceilings: This is a common problem, as showers release heat and moisture that takes a toll on paint. Scrape off the old paint and re-coat, using a high-quality, exterior grade paint.

5. Loose handles on furniture: Try tightening with a screwdriver. If this doesn’t work and the screw spins in place, place a toothpick coated with glue into the hole to make the screw fit better. You can also try using a larger screw.

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Source(s): http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/repair-tips/home-repair-jobs-winter/

Mar 17 2014

Going Green: Xcel Offers $50 Reward For Replacing Old Refrigerators

Going Green: Xcel Offers $50 Reward For Replacing Old Refrigerators - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

Going Green: Xcel Offers $50 Reward For Replacing Old Refrigerators - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

If you’re using an energy inefficient refrigerator or freezer, Xcel energy wants you to update — and the company is willing to put its money on the line to get you moving in that direction.

If your appliance is in working condition and you’ve decided to update, Xcel will pay you $50 and pick it up for free. Not only will you earn $50, but you’re likely to save nearly $100 on your annual energy bill with a new, energy-efficient appliance.

For more details, go to www.ResponsibleByNature.com/Fridge or call 1-866-552-8755.

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Mar 10 2014

The Cold Facts: High-tech Devices Are Riddled With Germs

The Cold Facts: High-tech Devices Are Riddled With Germs - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

We scrub our floors, scour our countertops, sanitize our bathrooms. But when it comes to the high-tech items we use every day – computers, cell phones, remote controls – we allow them to collect germs with only the rare touch of a dust rag.

High tech devices may look sleek and clean, but closer inspection shows that they can be dirtier than your toilet seat. Real Simple magazine recently reported on some studies that offer the facts and provided easy ways to clean various items, including:


Cell phones

Fact: “Brace yourself for this one,” writes Real Simple. Indeed. A 2011 study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found that one in six cell phones is tainted with fecal matter, due to the fact that many people talk on their phones while using the bathroom.

To clean: Place your phone inside a UV sanitizer, where the germs are easily removed (example: CellBlaster Universal Cell-Phone Sanitizer, $90 at restassured.com). Or, for a less expensive option, buy cleansers made for mobile devices (example: Wireless Wipes, $3 for 12 at wirelesswipes.com). This should be done every other day.


Remote controls

Fact: Your remote control can harbor more germs than a toilet handle or tissue box, according to researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, who found that more than 30% of the remotes they studied tested positive for cold viruses.

To clean: Spray the buttons with compressed air; follow up with a fast-drying cleaner such as Wireless Wipes once a week.



Fact: Keyboards can be five times dirtier than toilet seats, according to University microbiologist Charles P. Gerba. Routine cleaning is recommended.

To clean: Unplug the keyboard or remove the batteries; shake it gently upside down; then turn it upright and spray compressed air around each key. Finally, use a fast-drying cleaner, such as the Wireless Wipes mentioned above. Do this at least once a month – more if you tend to eat over your computer.



Fact: It should come as no surprise that earbuds pick up sweat and wax from each use. “Plus, if your earbuds have silicone or foam coverings, they pick up dirt and dust inside your (storage) bag like tiny lint brushes,” says Real Simple.

To clean: You can use the previously mentioned CellBlaster sanitizer, or wipe with a cloth dampened with mild dish soap and water. Clean the foam or silicone covers separately. This should be done once a month


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Source(s): http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/technology/how-clean-keyboard-00100000120370/page3.html

Mar 06 2014

Online Calculator Helps With Rent vs. Buy Decision

Online Calculator Helps With Rent vs. Buy Decision - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

Are you debating the merits of buying a home versus renting one? Most experts will list the many reasons buying a home is the best option. These include: current low mortgage rates; freedom to make improvements on the property and tailor it to your lifestyle needs; the ability to build equity and eventually own your home, free and clear.

If you’ve heard all these arguments but still aren’t sure what is right for you, we can help. We recently ran across a handy website, Smartasset.com, that offers a “Rent Vs Buy?” calculator.

Visitors to the site enter their yearly income, money available for down payment; amount of other monthly debt payments and so on. They then enter the amount they would pay in rent, vs. the amount they would pay in a monthly mortgage. The computer does the rest, making several assumptions that are detailed on the site. A chart is then generated, showing site visitors how long they have to live in a home for buying to make more sense than renting, or if renting is the better option.

While this sort of calculation can’t substitute for solid advice from a financial professional, it’s a fun place to start. And you can also make calculations for such questions as “How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?” “How Much Should I put Down?” “What will Happen to My Taxes After Buying?


Get more tips about buying a home at RE/MAX of Cherry Creek’s blog.

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Source(s): https://www.smartasset.com/