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Let the light in AND keep your privacy with light filtering shades

There’s nothing like sunlight streaming into a room to brighten your mood. But what if opening your shades comprises your privacy? That’s a question the makers of window shades have asked…and answered. The result is “light-filtering window treatments” — shades that let in the light, but keep out prying eyes. Light filtering… Read more »

5 ways to prepare yourself for Denver’s fast-paced home market

You’ve been thinking about moving and suddenly you’re noticing “Open House” signs on every corner. While it’s tempting to want to shop for a home this way, experts in the sizzling hot Denver market warn that it’s important to first be prepared. “People feel like, ‘Oh, let’s go look, see if… Read more »

Funding lags in Denver for biking and walking networks

Denver has a reputation for being one of the fittest cities in the country. Ironically, though, the city spends relatively little compared to others on building bike lane networks and sidewalks. According to the 2016 Alliance for Biking and Walking Benchmarking Report, Denver spent less than $1 million on biking and… Read more »