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What the new tax bill means for homeowners

The Republican tax cuts passed in 2017 will have sweeping effects on the country, including the pocketbooks of homeowners. As such, it has drawn the attention—and concern—of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In a recent press release, the NAR notes that the final bill is a mixed bag: “Although the… Read more »

When suburban and urban living merge, call it “surban”

What do you call a suburban area that has the feel of urban living? Surban, of course! “Think of it as the melding of two words to form a new one,” suggests Rismedia, like “Brangelina, Bennifer or Kimye.” Whatever the word used to describe it, it’s an up-and-coming trend “Surban” is defined… Read more »

What’s ahead on the home front for 2018: trends to watch

Last year on the home front we saw white kitchens, subway tiles, quartz countertops and a host of gadgets that made our homes “smarter” than ever. But that was then, this is now. So what’s ahead for 2018? According to Realtor Magazine, we can expect everything from robots and “smart” windows to… Read more »