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4 home renovations to avoid

It’s always fun to dream of ways to enhance your home. But not all renovation projects are created equal – and some can be downright counterproductive when it comes time to sell the house. “Flashy renovations don’t always yield the best returns,” notes RisMedia’s Housecall. The real estate website and others… Read more »

Surveys show that home ownership is still highly valued

Despite the Great Recession, which saw home values plunge practically overnight, homeownership remains extremely important to most Americans. In a recent Ipsos survey, 86% of those queried noted that home ownership represents a life goal. In a different Ipsos poll, two in five (39%) Americans say that they are planning on… Read more »

Sellers beware: here are 6 sure ways to turn off buyers

As the spring buying season kicks into high gear, sellers are tidying up their properties, getting ready for a parade of interested buyers. But while straightening up a house is an important step to creating an inviting atmosphere, there can be other factors to consider. “Sometimes…no amount of preparation can overcome… Read more »