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What we can learn from the skinflint next door

You’ve probably heard of The Millionaire Next Door. The bestselling book revealed the habits of the wealthy so that readers could imitate them. But what about the cheapskate next door? Can he or she teach us important lessons as well? Author Jeff Yeager’s answer is an emphatic “yes.” Yeager is the… Read more »

Home “apartments” may ease the pain of rising housing costs

As home prices and rents continue to skyrocket in the Denver metro area, affordable housing is becoming increasingly out of reach for many. To ease the problem, some are proposing a simple solution with a complicated name: accessory dwelling units (ADUs). ADUs are auxiliary independent living spaces that exist on a… Read more »

3 simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

When preparing to sell a home, many homeowners focus on sprucing up the interior. Indeed, fresh paint and new carpet can help make a good impression on buyers. But it’s the exterior that buyers see first—and first impressions count. How can you increase the curb appeal of your home? Derek Thomas, whose… Read more »