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New website helps homeowners battle deadly emerald ash borer

With the emerald ash borer infesting trees in Boulder, it’s just a matter of time before the pest hits Denver, with potentially devastating effects to local ash trees. The beetle, which originated in Asia, deposits eggs that hatch into worm-like larvae that tunnel through the tree’s tissue just under the… Read more »

News flash: car headrests can save lives

It’s not a situation anyone likes to contemplate. Still, imagine what you would do if you were trapped inside your car after an accident and couldn’t open the door. Or, worse still, if you found yourself in the car as it was swamped with water during a flood. How would… Read more »

Remax website enjoys high traffic, topping competitors

RE/MAX is one of the most trusted real estate companies in the world. Now, we are proud to announce that consumers are showing similar trust in our website. With over 77 million visits in 2016, earned the highest home shopper traffic of all the national real estate franchise websites. In… Read more »