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Funding lags in Denver for biking and walking networks

Denver has a reputation for being one of the fittest cities in the country. Ironically, though, the city spends relatively little compared to others on building bike lane networks and sidewalks. According to the 2016 Alliance for Biking and Walking Benchmarking Report, Denver spent less than $1 million on biking and… Read more »

What professional burglars don’t want you to know

Installing dead bolts other security measures in your home are sensible ways to protect yourself. But does this ensure that you’re burglary proof? Taking security measures are indeed important, but it also helps to know the mindset of criminals looking for a house to hit. Below, career burglars offer insights, as… Read more »

How to make big impact with small yards

A sprawling backyard provides ample space to create a beautiful atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing. But just because your yard is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning. Whether it’s making use of vertical space when planting, or carefully choosing a focal point, simple tricks can help enhance a small yard.… Read more »